Matt Durrant

I run around, I read bad books, I take pictures on my phone and some videos.
I sometimes try to make electronic music
Here are my favourite albums (which I'm buying on vinyl).
Contact me on WhatsApp. I largely ignore email and Facebook.

My favourite albums 2020
Year 1 Investing Results: +35.22%
21/04/21Afternoon Run (6.5km in 31:45).
03/03/21Afternoon Run (10.2km in 51:00).
10/02/21Eastern Drumfill.wav.
07/02/21Breakbeat Chopped.wav.
04/02/21Lunch Run (5.2km in 25:36).
13/12/20Gave 5 stars to Don’t applaud. Either laugh or don’t. (At the Comedy Cellar.) by Andrew Hankinson
02/12/203. CPU Breaker.wav.
01/12/201. SoAd.wav.
26/11/20Gave 3 stars to Sphere (Paperback) by Michael Crichton
Lunch Run (6.7km in 32:17).
22/11/20Random Drifting.wav.
19/11/20Random Chopped Amen Beats.wav.
17/11/20Lunch Run (4.5km in 21:18).