Matt Durrant

I run around, I read bad books, I take pictures on my phone and some videos.
Here are my favourite albums. I'm buying a lot on vinyl through eBay.
Best way to reach me is WhatsApp. I largely ignore email and Facebook.

Afternoon Run (6.5km in 30:56).
Gave 4 stars to Steelheart (The Reckoners, #1) by Brandon Sanderson
20/09/20Morning Run (6.6km in 31:30).
19/09/20Morning Run (6.7km in 31:57).
15/09/20Lunch Run (5.1km in 24:51).
14/09/20Lunch Run (5.2km in 24:10).
08/09/20Lunch Run (5.3km in 24:50).
07/09/20Afternoon Run (5.1km in 23:41).
06/09/202020 - Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in a Narrowboat!
Gave 3 stars to Into the Fire (Orphan X, #5) by Gregg Andrew Hurwitz
05/09/20Evening Run (5.3km in 24:41).