Matt Durrant

I run around, I read bad books, I take pictures on my phone and some videos.
I sometimes try to make electronic music
Here are my favourite albums (which I'm buying on vinyl).
Contact me on WhatsApp. I largely ignore email and Facebook.

16/10/20Lunch Run (6.7km in 32:27).
14/10/20Afternoon Run (5.2km in 24:43).
09/10/20Afternoon Run (5.2km in 24:09).
07/10/20Afternoon Run (5.3km in 25:01).
06/10/20Afternoon Run (5.2km in 24:02).
05/10/20Afternoon Run (5.2km in 25:07).
30/09/20Lunch Run (5.2km in 24:34).
29/09/20Afternoon Run (5.4km in 24:53).
27/09/20Morning Run (6.7km in 31:25).
25/09/20Lunch Run (6.6km in 32:03).
22/09/20Afternoon Run (6.5km in 30:56).
20/09/20Morning Run (6.6km in 31:30).
19/09/20Morning Run (6.7km in 31:57).
15/09/20Lunch Run (5.1km in 24:51).
14/09/20Lunch Run (5.2km in 24:10).
08/09/20Lunch Run (5.3km in 24:50).
07/09/20Afternoon Run (5.1km in 23:41).
05/09/20Evening Run (5.3km in 24:41).
30/08/20Afternoon Run (5.2km in 24:23).
29/08/20Morning Run (5.3km in 24:51).
28/08/20Morning Run (5.2km in 24:32).
20/08/20Afternoon Run (5.2km in 26:26).
18/08/20Afternoon Run (10.2km in 49:16).
14/08/20Afternoon Run (5.3km in 24:44).
07/08/20Just going to lie down and have a melt (6.5km in 31:06).
05/08/20Afternoon Run (10.0km in 50:58).
02/08/20Morning Run (5.3km in 24:43).
01/08/20Morning Run (6.4km in 29:55).
31/07/20Hill climbs (4.6km in 24:49).
29/07/20Afternoon Run (5.2km in 23:11).
28/07/20Afternoon Run (7.1km in 34:03).
26/07/20Dodging walkers to shawford (7.5km in 37:26).
24/07/20Lunch Run (8.7km in 43:40).
22/07/20Afternoon Run (5.3km in 24:01).
21/07/20Afternoon Run (5.3km in 24:05).
20/07/20Afternoon Run (5.3km in 24:03).
19/07/20Morning Run (5.4km in 24:39).
17/07/20Evening Run (5.2km in 24:23).
15/07/20Lunch Run (7.2km in 34:04).
14/07/20Afternoon Run (5.3km in 23:59).
12/07/20Morning Run (7.1km in 33:56).
10/07/20Lunch Run (8.0km in 39:12).
08/07/20Afternoon Run (5.4km in 23:57).
03/07/20Lunch (9.8km in 49:11).
01/07/20Lunch Run (5.3km in 24:41).
28/06/20Morning Walk (7.4km in 1:52:33).
Morning Run (5.3km in 25:20).
27/06/20Morning Run (5.3km in 24:58).
22/06/20Afternoon Run (5.3km in 23:42).
20/06/20Evening Run (6.1km in 29:30).
17/06/20Lunch Run (5.3km in 25:03).
16/06/20Morning Run (5.4km in 24:09).
14/06/20Morning Run (8.0km in 38:33).
07/06/20Afternoon Run (10.1km in 47:32).
05/06/20Afternoon Run (5.3km in 23:57).
03/06/20Afternoon Run (5.4km in 24:34).
01/06/20Lunch Run (5.3km in 25:02).
31/05/20Morning Run (5.3km in 25:13).
30/05/20Morning Run (5.2km in 24:27).
29/05/20Morning Run (5.4km in 24:48).
23/05/20Evening Run (5.4km in 24:24).